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Future Forward USA Action’s mission is to create a stronger American democracy and advocate for common sense solutions.

While politicians in Washington succumb to the powerful forces of gridlock and special interest influence, the American people are paying attention. They deserve solutions and a seat at the table on the policy decisions that affect their lives, especially when it comes to the security and fairness of their economy, healthcare, environment, and democracy.

Photo by Michael Warren/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Michael Warren/iStock / Getty Images


Income and wealth inequality in the United States have been making it harder for working Americans to get ahead, while the few at the top have seen their incomes increase at a faster and faster pace. Recent legislation that cuts taxes for the wealthy and corporations will worsen this divide. Future Forward urges decision-makers to protect tax incentives that benefit working Americans, including the Earned Income Tax Credit and deductions for student loans, among others. 


Photo by Saklakova/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Saklakova/iStock / Getty Images


Healthcare is an issue that consistently ranks among the most important for Americans.  For so many middle and working class people, healthcare policy is literally a matter of life and death. It is also a matter of great economic importance: healthcare costs account for 17 percent of the United States' economy. Future Forward supports policies that increase insurance coverage and drive down premiums so that quality healthcare is affordable for all Americans. That means protecting the Affordable Care Act and strengthening critical initiatives like Medicare and Medicaid. 




Americans have seen and lived the effects of climate change over the past few years like never before; weather events like hurricanes have proliferated and worsened in severity. We cannot delay any longer. Future Forward supports efforts to cut carbon emissions by increasing fuel standards, investing in biofuels and solar, and implementing a carbon credit trading system to ensure that polluters pay their fair share.


Photo by hermosawave/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by hermosawave/iStock / Getty Images

Protecting American Democracy

American democratic institutions are under attack from foreign governments, and it is up to our leaders in Washington to protect them. Russian meddling in our elections drowns out the voices of ordinary Americans, giving them reason to doubt the efficacy of our political system. Future Forward encourages lawmakers to strengthen legislation that brings sanctions against our adversaries and safeguards our election processes from outside influence. We also need serious campaign finance reform to reduce the influence of big corporations and billionaires on our elected officials.  Robust disclosure rules, a sustainable public financing system, reasonable contribution limits, and stricter enforcement of the existing laws by the Federal Election Commission are essential to a healthy democracy.

Do Your Part

Call your members of Congress and demand action on the issues that matter to you most: (202) 224-3121